The Friends of Camp Helen State Park is a Florida Citizens Support Organization (CSO)
which assists the Florida Park Service in the preservation, restoration and improvement of Camp Helen State Park.




Camp Helen is comprised of 185 acres. The park is situated on the southwestern shoreline of Lake Powell, the largest coastal dune lake in the Panhandle. Lake Powell is 174 acres. The lake is sporadically connected to nearby Gulf of Mexico via Phillips Inlet, which is usually plugged.

Three of the park boundaries are bodies of waters; two miles of Lake Powell shoreline to the east and north and ½ mile of Gulf of Mexico shoreline to the south. The park contains ten distinct natural communities; the beach, beach dune, coastal grasslands, maritime hammock, mesic flatwoods, scrub, wet flatwoods, depression marsh, salt marsh and coastal dune lake.


Welcome from Lex Wahl, President


Lex Wahl, President of Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida


The Friends of Camp Helen is a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving, maintaining and improving our State Park. Camp Helen was dedicated as a state park in 1997 by the State of Florida and the Friends came into existence in 2004. As a Citizen Support Organization (CSO), we are celebrating our fifteenth year as a successful partner to one of the premier state parks in Florida.

To date, our biggest accomplishment could be construed as being selected CSO of the year in 2016 by the Florida Park Service.Being blessed with an active board of directors and a Friends membership of numerous active participants from all walks of life have contributed to this success.

I moved to Bay County permanently in 2006 and have been involved with Camp Helen since 2012. I recall residents of Bay County telling me they have never heard of Camp Helen. I don't hear that today.

If you have not visited Camp Helen, you are missing a "diamond" in Bay County. While you are here, check out the "Friends" and come join us.

Welcome from Wesley Myers, Park Manager


Wesley Myers, Park Manager of Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida


I would like to welcome you to Camp Helen State Park! Come out and enjoy one of our relaxing trails, learn about the history of the property, or take a swim in the beautiful waters of the gulf. This hidden gem is home to many important natural resources such as sea turtles, shore birds and an array of native plants/animals.

My favorite area of the park to visit is the north trail near sunset as it tends to be very quiet and serene at that time of the day. The Friends of Camp Helen do a tremendous job of supporting the park and I would encourage you to become involved if you haven’t already done so.

It can be a very rewarding experience as there are a variety of opportunities to contribute. Thanks for visiting this site and come see us at the park!


  • Totally agree with Nancy Howze Scott. Perfectly worded "one of the most beautiful places on earth! It is definitely an undiscovered treasure!!!


    Deby Talley

  • This is one of the most beautiful places on earth! It is definitely an "undiscovered treasure"!!!


    Nancy Howze Scott

  • Rented a tandem kayak and it was so much fun!! I recommend everyone try it if u haven't! Jerome David is the kayak guy and hes great! I booked it online a day ahead..went to the 12.00 to 4.00 in the afternoon!


    Julie A Layne

  • Beautiful serene State Park. Nice walking trails bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the largest coastal dune lake in Florida, Lake Powell. The Friends of Camp Helen have activities through out the year... the upcoming Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival is something you won't want to miss.


    Gloria Turner