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Facility Rentals

Can any of the buildings be rented?

Yes, both the Lodge and the Rec Hall can be rented for the day. The cost for a single day is $421 for the Lodge ($635 for a two-day rental) and $207 for the Rec Hall. This cost includes 25 parking passes for vehicle and tax. The Lodge has a full kitchen and is air conditioned/heated. The Rec Hall is not cooled/heated but does have ceiling fans. Set-up and clean-up of the buildings is the responsibility of the renting party.

Can I have a wedding at the park?

Yes, many people rent the Lodge to have their wedding and/or reception. At any time when the park is open, the grounds are open for weddings. Just remember to pay your $4/vehicle entrance fee at the fee station when you first come in. For more information, please contact the park office at (850) 233-5059.